National Hair Style Appreciation Day!

Hairstyles say much about a person’s style and identity.  For certain hairstyles, much effort is needed to create and maintain it.  As times change, the styles also evolve. In my life I spent much effort working with people in creating different styles. Today we should all appreciate the art these styles and the talent needed to create these styles on National Hairstyle Appreciation Day.

National Hair Style Appreciation Day - Designerella

Typography Sculpture

Graphic designers use topography to turn messages into art. Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa takes that one step further by literally turning letters into art. My first experience with his work is from the Frederik Meijer garden which has his work “I, you, she or he…” in its collection.

Typography Sculpture - Designerella

Upon closer examination I managed to find a few words in the letters. I wonder if this was intentional or he just randomly picked letters. But I am most impressed how he has incorporates simple letters into complex artistic shapes.

Typography Sculpture - Designerella

Happy Easter!

My little niece has a holiday tree that needed Easter decorations. So she and Designerella teamed up to create Easter eggs that would sparkle on her tree.

Easter egg creation - Designerella

Using sequins on a string we covered several eggs and tied ribbons to use as hangers.

Easter egg on seasonal tree - Designerella

Other eggs were covered in colored glitter to provide a sparkle to her tree.

Easter tree - Designerella

Now that the tree has been properly decorated for this holiday season, both Designerella and her niece would like to say “Happy Easter Everyone!”

Happy Easter - Designerella

Delicate Beauty

A recent trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan included a visit to the Frederik Meijer gardens. In addition to enjoying this unseasonably warm spring by walking the sculpture gardens, the main reason for the visit was to see the special butterfly exhibit.  In the garden’s main conservatory thousands of butterflies fly freely among the tropical foliage and the visitors. These beautiful, delicate creatures tend not to hold still for photos, but I managed to snap a few photos that I wanted to share with you.





If you have the chance to visit the gardens, especially if you can catch the annual butterfly exhibit, I definitely recommend it.