Constanța, Romania

Constanza, Romania - Desigenrella

Once behind the Iron Curtain, the city of Constanza, Romania is becoming a fabulous tourist destination on the Black Sea coast.  The people of the city are so wonderful and welcoming! I would encourage anyone seeking to explore this corner of the world to check out the city of Constanza. Let me give you a hint to the hidden jewels of this city.

Visiting the Archeology museum provides a wonderful understanding of the long history of Romania.  Ancient artifacts from Greek and Roman times help to describe the importance of this area. Original clay and stone objects and art dating back from centuries B.C. are found here. Among the other exhibits are real skeletons found in the area that used to reside in coffins. Even the exterior of the museum is a work of art.

Constanza, Romania - Designerella

Another highlight of my trip was a stroll through Old Town passing the Turkish Mosque and a visit of the Orthodox Cathedral, St. Peter and St. Paul. Known in Romanian as Catedrala Sfinţii Apostoli Petru şi Pavel din Constanţa, it provided me with a wonderful introduction to the world of Orthodoxism.  As today was Sunday, I was able attend a service and experience what a typical Sunday church service was like for the Romanians.  The service and the cathedral were such a beautiful and peaceful place, it was an experience I will cherish forever.

Constanza, Romania - Designerella

Constanza, Romania - Deisgnerella

One of the jewels of Constanza is the impressive casino. Designed in the Art Nouveau style and built on the shores of the Black Sea in the period between the two World Wars, it is a location that cannot be missed. I found it a beautiful location to just relax and soak in some of that Romanian sun!

Constanza, Romania - Designerella

Just outside the city is a town of Murfatlar which is home to the Murfatlar Vineyard. It is the largest vineyard in Romania at nearly 7,500 acres in size.  A visit to the wine cellar shows a fabulous sample some of the local white and red wines.  A tasting lead me to my favorite which happens to be their best selling dry red wine, the Zestrea Pinot Noir.  What a delicious red Romanian red wine! Cheers to Romania for providing such a wonderful experience.

Constanza, Romania - Designerella

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