A smile goes a long way…

Norway - Designerella

Hello all!!!  First, I would like to apologize for not posting up any more spectacular moments from my amazing journey around the world.  My journeys have taken me to over 28 countries and many more cities.  Please browse through all my travel postings with the, if I do say so myself, fabulous pictures.  You can scroll down and click on “Older Posts” it will take you all around the world. And a second apology is necessary for taking more than a month off to blog!  It has been way too long…

The overseas travels lasted for almost 8 months, and I had the best time of my life.  It is an opportunity that I hope to experience again someday.  Working, traveling and my experiences overseas had opened my heart and my eyes to some amazing places and to, most of all, amazing people.  There are no words to describe those many amazing moments in my life overseas.

Working on a ship has been both awarding and challenging in many ways.  The most challenging thing for me was saying good-bye to some amazing people.  I have been blessed to become such great friends with people who live on the other side of the world. They have touched my heart in ways that will stay with me forever.  These friends are people from different countries, religions, and cultures that have filled my life with happiness.  Sharing small moments like a simple smile while having wine, to walking in a monsoon warmed my heart and brought me happiness.  Perhaps the biggest lesson of living overseas is that you can open a heart with just a simple smile.

Above is a picture of my wonderful home for the past 8 months. This image was captured during the start of my first voyage in Norway.  Norway is a place that I absolutely loved and must visit again in the near future. As an artist, I chose to share this picture because it shows my home, the mountain symbolizes the height of my challenges that I overcame and the calm sea symbolizes the happiness in my heart.

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