Life In The Fast Lane…

Wow!  Let me begin by saying “hello” to all my faithful blog followers.  I have settled in to living and working in New York City and I am now hoping to regularly blog once again.  Since my last post my life has been in the fast lane in this beautiful, crazy concrete jungle.

New York City - Designerella

My life consists of working, networking, meeting friends, parties, designing and, did I mention, working? Yup! The amazingly fast pace of professional life here in NYC has filled me with energy I thought I never had in me.  My professional experience has grown exponentially by meeting people and discussing new ideas and designs.  But it is the city itself that gives me such energy. It is a city that has a passion for dance, art and design. There is no other place in the world I rather be at this given moment in my life.  Some may say “life is good”;  let me say “life is great dancing in this concrete jungle.”

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