You say potato. . .

Today marks the beginning of National Potato Month and I decided take a timeout from the travel posts to show you something I created for the occasion. Whether you call them pot-A-toes, pot-AH-toes, taters or spuds, this is their month. What would Thanksgiving be without mashed potatoes? What would a burger be without fries? And, most importantly, what would we do without Mr. Potato Head? So let us all celebrate the potato this month!

Someone is excited for National Potato Month! Animation by Designerella.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Dia duit (that is an Irish welcome phrase). I wanted to make some cupcakes for everyone for Saint Patrick’s Day. I baked delicious chocolate cupcakes, whipped up some green frosting and topped it with a cute hat. I hope you enjoy it and remember have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.

Cupcake animation. - Designerella