You say potato. . .

Today marks the beginning of National Potato Month and I decided take a timeout from the travel posts to show you something I created for the occasion. Whether you call them pot-A-toes, pot-AH-toes, taters or spuds, this is their month. What would Thanksgiving be without mashed potatoes? What would a burger be without fries? And, most importantly, what would we do without Mr. Potato Head? So let us all celebrate the potato this month!

Someone is excited for National Potato Month! Animation by Designerella.

Designerella’s Voyage!

I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to work while traveling the world. This amazing position will allow me to see beautiful and wonderful places and help to inspire me to create more wonderful graphic design pieces.

The journey begins in my favorite city. It is the site of many amazing events this year from the Queen’s Jubilee to the Olympics. London–the city where my touchdown signal the beginning of my amazing voyage.

London illustration created by Designerella

“The Art Of The Shoe”

We all love shoes–well I know I love all types of shoes!  Whether we call them sneakers, canvas or tennis shoes, there is a certain “art of the shoe”.  When you are searching for your next pair of shoes look for something more meaningful and something that allows you to be comfortable in who you are.  To celebrate “the art of the shoe”, I created an illustration fusing typography and abstract art in one piece of shoe art.

Shoe illustration created by Designerella

Typography Sculpture

Graphic designers use topography to turn messages into art. Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa takes that one step further by literally turning letters into art. My first experience with his work is from the Frederik Meijer garden which has his work “I, you, she or he…” in its collection.

Typography Sculpture - Designerella

Upon closer examination I managed to find a few words in the letters. I wonder if this was intentional or he just randomly picked letters. But I am most impressed how he has incorporates simple letters into complex artistic shapes.

Typography Sculpture - Designerella

Inspired by Dance

People find inspiration and motivation in different things. I often find inspiration in dance. The graceful movement of dancers and their smooth flowing lines is art in motion. In the images below the art of dance is combined with inspirational words. I often create such images when experimenting with new design techniques.

Dance illustration - Designerella

Dance illustration - Designerella


What should we do with all the digital pictures we take? One of the best ways is to gather all the pictures from a special event and make a memorable photobook. There are a number of good local and online printers that one can use to create these books. I recently created a photobook that details the building timeline of a new home. Pictures were taken throughout the building process and the book starts with the hole in the ground and captures the final touches. Similar books can be made for other memorable events such as vacations, parties and weddings.

Photobook cover. - Designerella

Photobook layout. - Designerella

Black & White Greeting Cards…

Image editing software allows graphic designers to alter images to provide a different perspective than the photographer intended. One example of this is a black & white representation of an image that will have a significantly different feel than a color image. When creating some greeting cards, I started with two of my favorite images that were bright and full of color. Using image-editing software the images are transformed into true black and white. After additional touch-ups the images were ready to portray the look I sought. It is remarkable how these tools can be used to affect the overall mood and look of an image.

Greeting Card. - Designerella

Greeting Card. - Designerella

Illustration & Typography

The marriage of illustration and type is one of the key components of an effective graphic design. Attention grabbing designs are more memorable to the audience than plain text and graphics. In this Adobe Illustrator creation, I combined a simple dress with unique typography. The message is meant to inspire in a playful manner. Remember ladies you are beautiful, classy and sophisticated!!!

Words of inspiration. (Click on image to enlarge) - Designerella