What should we do with all the digital pictures we take? One of the best ways is to gather all the pictures from a special event and make a memorable photobook. There are a number of good local and online printers that one can use to create these books. I recently created a photobook that details the building timeline of a new home. Pictures were taken throughout the building process and the book starts with the hole in the ground and captures the final touches. Similar books can be made for other memorable events such as vacations, parties and weddings.

Photobook cover. - Designerella

Photobook layout. - Designerella

Fabric Printing!

Fabric printing can be fun, creative and personalized for anyone.  Last summer (2011) I spent studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy.  It was an amazing experience and I took thousands of pictures of the different places I visited.  Yes, I have too many pictures and that is one of the many reasons why the process of putting together a professional photobook is taking longer than expected.

A special family member living in Grand Rapids, MI surprised me by making these amazing placemats, and pot holders for my home. Her name is ScrappyLynn and her crafts can be found on Etsy!  She is an amazing sewer and is always coming up with different ideas that focus on re-using materials and scraps. She took some of my Italy photos and printed them on fabric using an inkjet printer. ScrappyLynn then used scraps from old projects to frame the photos. On the back she used several different sunflower patterns as the sunflowers were in full bloom when I was traveling through Tuscany.

Placemats and pot holders made by ScrappyLynn.

Placemats made my ScrappyLynn.

Potholders made by ScrappyLynn.

ScrappyLynn thank you for making me these placemats and pot holders.  Now when I cook and sit down to eat I have a reminder of my wonderful experience living and studying abroad in Florence, Italy.