My Work

Here are some various projects that show my different skills.

Page Layouts

Below are some page layouts created using Adobe InDesgin. Click on an image to navigate through the full spread.

Web banners

Web banners are used to provide advertising on webpages. A good web campaign will provide a consistent message over different designs. Below are some web banners showing a common theme.

Personalized material using XMPie

XMPie is a unique software that allows users to create customized material in a single Adobe InDesign layout. Information can be obtained from Microsoft Excel documents. XMPie extracts the pertinent data and using rules based upon this information creates a single production pdf. This pdf will be personalized for each individual in the Excel database. Below are two examples that I designed using the XMPie software.

Adobe Illustrator Works

Vector graphics generated with Adobe Illustrator allow for the images to be converted to any size without pixelization. Logos are typically generated in Illustrator because they can range in size from letterhead to billboards.

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